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Real diamond. conflict free.not lab-created. not man-made
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What are clarity enhanced diamonds?

Yes! Clarity enhanced diamonds are real natural mined diamonds that come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds. Some diamonds have better clarity than others. In the sorting process, those diamonds with imperfections that are considered “eye clean” are sold as is and those diamonds with visible imperfections that can be seen with the naked eye can undergo the clarity enhancement process which will improve their appearance!

Natural Earth-Mined Diamonds

not lab-created.not man-made

much cheaper

30%-50% Cheaper Than Non-Enhanced Diamonds

larger Diamond

By Spending Less Money, You Are Now Able To Get A Larger Diamond!

enhancement guarantee

if you ever experience any issues with the enhancement on your diamond, we will take care of it at ZERO cost to you

how does clarity enhancement process work

Clarity enhancement is the process of taking a diamond that has a visible imperfection and improving its appearance. By inserting a microscopic material into the part of the diamond that has the imperfection, we are able to eliminate the imperfection by making it look less visible to the naked eye.

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