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If you are unsure of the value of your item, our professionals can appraise the piece for you.

There is no risk involved, If you aren't happy with our offer, you simply keep your jewelry. With a foundation of honest operations, we keep our entire process fully transparent, ensuring our clients are completely satisfied.

Whether you have fine jewelry you have inherited, were given, or previously purchased, start by completing our contact form. A member of our professional team will contact you at your preference and guide you through the appraisal and acquisition process.

Securely Ship Your Fine Jewelry For Free

Ship your pieces to our headquarters in Los Angeles, free of charge. We offer our clients high-level security shipping options, so you can rest easy that your items will reach us safely. We fully insure all jewelry that is shipped both to and from our office so your items are entirely insured from the moment they leave your hands until you receive them back. We always ship overnight or 2nd-day so you don't have to worry about long wait times on either end. We also offer third-party escrow and verification services as well as armored car and inspection services for our clients who wish the very highest level of security for their fine jewelry.

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