Diamond Education

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Making the right decision

While choosing a diamond a customer should always consider these factors: clarity, shape, cut & color which are the 4c's of diamonds. Our diamond education center will guide you step by step into finding that perfect diamond.

    • Shape


      we offer a variety of diamond shapes starting with traditional round diamonds to fancy shape diamonds.


    • Cut


      As most gemologists say cut is a very important factor of the Four Cs of diamond quality.


    • Color


      Diamonds vary in color from colorless to slight tones of yellow. Colorless & near colorless diamonds are most brilliant.


    • Clarity

      Clarity Clarity

      The clarity of a diamond depends on how clear or clean it is.


    • Carat Weight

      Carat Weight Carat Weight Carat Weight

      The word "carat" is derived from the "carob" bean, which was first used to determine a diamonds weight.



      A diamond appraisal is also at times referred to as a diamond grading report


Exceptional Quality

It is our mission to provide our customers with top of the line quality diamonds at a great value. We offer only the best diamond selection and each and every single diamond is graded by jewelry appraisal

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  • Award winning Service

    An award winning service offers the requirements what makes our customers feel right at home,

  • Diamond Care

    Great tips on how to keep your diamond shiny, brilliant and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clarity enhanced diamond?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are real and natural diamonds that were treated in a lab to remove imperfections in the diamond. Because of this treatment, clarity enhanced diamonds are cheaper per carat than non-enhanced diamonds.

What does clarity enhanced diamond mean?

When someone says a diamond was clarity enhanced, they mean to say that the natural diamond was treated in a lab. There are two categories of clarity enhancement. Removing any debris or coloration, and filling fractures in the diamond with resin or some other material that will help it sparkle.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds real?

YES. Clarity enhanced diamonds are completely real diamond stones. They are not grown in a lab or from a different material like CZ (cubic zirconia). They have just had some fillings or laser treatment done to them in order to improve their appearance.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds less value-able?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are cheaper per carat. You can buy a much bigger diamond that is clarity enhanced for the same price as a smaller non-enhanced diamond.

How do you clean a clarity enhanced diamond?

You can clean a clarity enhanced diamond the same way you clean any other diamond or gemstone. Their enhancements do not practically affect their durability.