Diamond Education

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Making the right decision

While choosing a diamond a customer should always consider these factors: clarity, shape, cut & color which are the 4c's of diamonds. Our diamond education center will guide you step by step into finding that perfect diamond.

    • Shape


      we offer a variety of diamond shapes starting with traditional round diamonds to fancy shape diamonds.


    • Cut


      As most gemologists say cut is a very important factor of the Four Cs of diamond quality.


    • Color


      Diamonds vary in color from colorless to slight tones of yellow. Colorless & near colorless diamonds are most brilliant.


    • Clarity

      Clarity Clarity

      The clarity of a diamond depends on how clear or clean it is.


    • Carat Weight

      Carat Weight Carat Weight Carat Weight

      The word "carat" is derived from the "carob" bean, which was first used to determine a diamonds weight.



      A diamond appraisal is also at times referred to as a diamond grading report


Exceptional Quality

It is our mission to provide our customers with top of the line quality diamonds at a great value. We offer only the best diamond selection and each and every single diamond is graded by jewelry appraisal

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  • Award winning Service

    An award winning service offers the requirements what makes our customers feel right at home,

  • Diamond Care

    Great tips on how to keep your diamond shiny, brilliant and safe.