Clarity Enhanced

Diamond Enhancements are specific treatments performed on 100% natural diamonds which are designed to improve the visual gemological characteristics of the diamond in one or more ways.

Enhanced diamonds are 100% real diamonds. They are appraised by a Gemological Laboratory. They are more affordable and most importantly allow you to have a larger diamond for your budget. Plus we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our enhancements. Diamond Enhancement is not a complicated process. But understanding how it works will give you the confidence to choose the right rating when shopping for diamond jewelry.

Diamond Clarity Enhancement:
  • The process: Diamond clarity enhancement may include laser drilling and fracture filling. To fill fractures, a microscopic amount of high-refractive-index glass material is introduced into surface-reaching feathers to reduce their visibility. The treatment is most effective on very thin crevices and fissures. Laser drilling may improve diamond clarity through the removal of inclusions.

  • The color and weight: The diamond's natural color is not affected by laser drilling and fracture filling, and the diamond is still considered natural. Diamond enhancement processes do not add weight to the diamond since microscopic amounts of filler are used and minute inclusions are removed.

  • Detection: Usually it takes a professional to tell that your diamond has been clarity enhanced, and the brilliance is not affected at all, so expect to see a more beautiful diamond after this procedure.

  • Durability: The Gemological Institute of America, after extensive research, has determined that the filler material is stable under normal-wear conditions, but may be damaged by high heat or acids. This damage can be easily avoided by removing clarity-enhanced diamonds before repair work is done near the diamond and we offer a lifetime clarity enhancements, in which if in a rare occasion your enhancement comes out, we are able to re-enhance it for you. To learn more about protecting your enhanced diamonds, read our guide How to Care for Clarity-enhanced Diamonds.

  • Selection: When you're shopping for diamonds, look carefully for information about enhancement. At and other reliable jewelry retailers, any jewelry that contains clarity enhanced diamonds will be identified in the product description. This gemstone treatment guide is a great place to find additional information about gemstone treatments and enhancements.