What is a Jewelry Appraisal?

The mistake that many consumers make is that they purchase a diamond without a Jewelry appraisal, therefore it is of utmost importance to understand the purpose of an appraisal. A diamond appraisal is also at times referred to as a diamond grading report. A diamond appraisal report can be defined as a report or statement, that at the time of evaluation, the diamond has been examined by a diamond expert using the required gemological instruments to determine the characteristics as stated on the Jewelry appraisal.

All of our diamonds are appraised by our Jewelry Experts

You are about to make an emotional and financial decision in your life, by selecting your dream diamond, that selection deserves assurance and that is exactly why all of the diamonds are evaluated by our Jewelry experts. Keep in mind, Diamond grading is subjective. A grading report is the grader's opinion, not a fact.

View appraisals before your purchase

Beverly Diamonds allows each of our customers to view the appraisal of the particular diamond before they complete their purchase.
Please, if a diamond certificate is not available for viewing on our site, simply contact a diamond specialist at or 1-855-456-8334.

An appraisal is calculated using current market data and usually includes the following information:

  1. 4C's of diamonds (Carat, Cut, Clarity & Color)
  2. Characteristics of gemstones
  3. Precious metals (14k, 18k, Platinum)
  4. Craftsmanship and ring style (antique, contemporary etc.)
  5. Jewelry Condition
  6. Approximate retail replacement value
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clarity enhanced diamond?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are real and natural diamonds that were treated in a lab to remove imperfections in the diamond. Because of this treatment, clarity enhanced diamonds are cheaper per carat than non-enhanced diamonds.

What does clarity enhanced diamond mean?

When someone says a diamond was clarity enhanced, they mean to say that the natural diamond was treated in a lab. There are two categories of clarity enhancement. Removing any debris or coloration, and filling fractures in the diamond with resin or some other material that will help it sparkle.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds real?

YES. Clarity enhanced diamonds are completely real diamond stones. They are not grown in a lab or from a different material like CZ (cubic zirconia). They have just had some fillings or laser treatment done to them in order to improve their appearance.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds less value-able?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are cheaper per carat. You can buy a much bigger diamond that is clarity enhanced for the same price as a smaller non-enhanced diamond.

How do you clean a clarity enhanced diamond?

You can clean a clarity enhanced diamond the same way you clean any other diamond or gemstone. Their enhancements do not practically affect their durability.